Share of Research Insights and Personas
Sketch & Brainstorm with the whole team
Dot Voting & Critique on ideas
User Testing of Prototypes
Participatory Design Workshop
Participatory Design Workshop
Participatory Design Workshop
I love using workshops throughout the design and development process as a way to align, involve and gather input from all team members, product managers, stakeholders, other departments in the company (such as consultancy and support), as well as customers. For example, Design Sprint allows product vision and scope alignment, early product validation through rapid prototyping and user testing, and spark innovation and encourage everyone in the team for user-centered thinking ; Participatory Design Workshop helps us to better understand our users needs and uncover new insights and ideas, by engaging target users in the early stage of design process and allows them to co-design solutions for themselves; Assumptions Workshop helps us to identify the riskiest assumptions of the product, so that we can validate them and make sure we deliver the right value to customers. 
Recently, I am also working on Cross-Cultural Design Workshop aims to spread knowledge about how culture could influence design by referencing different cultural models and real-life examples.
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