Hi there! My name is Chloe, a UX/Product designer
who enjoys working in a 
multicultural environment, and believes diversity drives creativity and innovation through the exchange of different experiences and perspectives.
I grew up and studied in Hong Kong. It was my passion for UX design and crave for new experiences brought me to Europe. In 2015, moved to Germany and worked as a UX designer at an innovative agency Centigrade. Later, I embraced software development and I currently work as a designer at TOPdesk Germany, one of the fastest-growing service management providers worldwide.
Beyond work, I love everything with the sun and ocean, but specifically diving and snorkeling. I thrive on learning new things - exploring the world and experiencing different cultures, trying out new food (I'm a foodie!) and sports, and creating things with my hands. I also enjoy chilling on the coach, watching movies and documentaries with my 2 cats.
I look forward to connecting over all things creative - design, culture and travel.
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