For decades, Hong Kong was the third largest motion picture industry in the world (after Indian Cinema and Hollywood) and the second largest exporter. However, an industry crisis started in the mid-'90s and Hong Kong's return to Chinese sovereignty in July 1997. Youngsters nowadays generally are lacking of interest and knowledge in Hong Kong old movies. 
In this project, I want to promote Hong Kong movie culture to local youngsters in the right way, tone and style.
Finding the problem​​​​​​​
Research and Analysis
In order to understand the reasons why youngsters are lacking interest in Hong Kong old movies, I have used different research method such as secondary research, survey, observation and interviews. Here are 2 key insights:
(1) Low awareness and lack of promotion

Organization like Hong Kong Film Archive (HKFA) has very low awareness among young people. HKFA is an internationally renowned film archive dedicated to preserving Hong Kong's film heritage, facilitating research and bringing film art to the community. I interviewed 50 PolyU students, 52% of them have never heard of the HKFA, however 81% said they are interested in visiting there. Also, in the interview with Winnie Fu, program planner from the HKFA, she said they are currently using traditional media such as MTR ad, radio ad, newspaper and mass email to promote their events. These are not effective in reaching their young target audience.

(2) Misconception

Another reason is that young people think old movies are boring, hard to understand with different culture and generation, don’t know how to appreciate it and lacking of channel to get to know more about old movies. Yet, their impression to old movies is mostly based on their perception without real experience.
exploring the solution​​​​​​​
(1) Talking with the experts

In order to get a deeper understanding in Hong Kong movie industry and explore the way to promote old movies to local youngsters, I interviewed 3 movie experts, Donny Mak, a film critic; an accountant from a China film company; and Jeff Wan, external vice president from the film society at the Hong Kong University. Donny suggested that “Social media is a way to reach young people and we can suggest young people on the choice of old movies because they know nothing about old movies and may not know where to start.” The accountant suggested “Movie trend is important to attract people” and Jeff suggested “Some
simple and relaxing movies can attract and is suitable for beginners.”

(2) Brainstorming with target audience

The brainstorming workshop done is with 4 of my target audiences and is divided into 2 parts: obtain insight and idea generation. For obtaining insight, we did a storytelling activity which transforms stories (interviews) into data and information by capturing notes, observations & thoughts during the story telling. After that, we identified the patterns to see the connection between data. For the idea generation part, I have asked 3 questions: “how might we promote HK old movies to youngsters in a right tone of voice/ format?” “How might we increase young people interest in watching Hong Kong old movies (or movie industry/ culture)?” “How might we attract youngsters to visit the Hong Kong Film Archive to watch an old movies or exhibitions?” Participants are required to write down their ideas and share them afterwards. 

Results show that the followings could be effective in promoting vintage movies to young people: Events with old and retro style, food and drinks; social media; Attractive trailer & relaxing movies; Membership; Activities (visit, workshop, screening, competition, talk etc).
Vision Statement
“I hope to increase youngster’s interest in HK old movies by creating a Club (Retro Cine App) that provides film activities information online & organises promotional events offline. It acts as a platform that collaborate with different film organisation.”
Design Concept
There are numerous movie events hosted by different organisations. Yet, the information are very scattered. Retro Cine aims to promote Hong Kong movie culture to youngsters through providing all kinds of fun movies events information. We collaborate with different movie organisations and serve as a platform to gather all the information and pull those organisations and general public closer. People can now stay tuned to all movie events information with one app, effortlessly. The overall brand image and style should be appealing to youngsters. A boring image of Hong Kong old movies is transformed into fun, relaxed and chill out.
Prototyping and testing
Mobile App for target audience

First I translated the design concept into wireframe sketching and low fidelity prototype. I tested them by peer review through scenarios cognitive walkthrough. Then I made a medium fidelity prototype and did a usability testing and post-questionnaire with 3 target users. After the test, I modified the interface according to the user feedback and built an high fidelity interactive prototype. I tested the prototype with 2 users.

Webpage for partners

User review was done with 3 core members of film society from 3 different universities. Overall they are very positive to the design idea as well as the webpage which they think it will really help their organisation in promoting their events.​​​​​​​
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