Aside from the project Workflow Designer, I also worked on:
• Improving mobile experience for managers
• Optimizing on-boarding experience for first time users
• Making software comply with the new EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)
Mobile Responsive Design

The goal of this project was to make self- service portal responsive for managers for a quick win.


When I picked up this project, I had a lot of questions:

• How do managers pick up request?
• What are the major actions they perform?
• What information is the most important when they make a decision?
•  What information is secondary, and unimportant?
I investigated the user cases of managers by talking to customer-facing colleagues from support and consultancy, and structured the design and interaction based on the feedback. Hallway usability testing is mainly used in this project.

Self Service Portal - Manager Desktop View

Self Service Portal - Manager Mobile View (Final implementation may differ)

Onboarding - First-time trial users
Project Goal

As TOPdesk is a complex enterprise software with a lot of functionalities, trial users often get lost when they first enter TOPdesk - Where do I start? What am I supposed to do? And they left.

We want to decrease dropout rate and increase sales by showing potential customers values of TOPdesk and how TOPdesk can help them in delivering excellent service.

Content Design for Guided Tour

The project started by the discussion with team of what is technically possible in the software. We decided on a step-by-step guided tour based on the constraints and budget given.

In order to create content for the guided tour, it is important to know what story we are going to tell. I talked to several colleagues from Sales to understand how they introduce TOPdesk to customers to find out

• What are the main unique selling points?
• How to show the value of TOPdesk in short time?
• How to demonstrate that we are service excellence experts? 
• What do customers like to see the most?

Turned out our Self-Service Portal creates the "WOW" effect as it looks appealing and easy to set up. More importantly, it is the central point for our customers to deliver services to their end-users. Base on the input, I had the idea to first guide customers to the Self-Service Portal, let them create a ticket, and solve it from the operator perspective. Other tours that would demonstrate value of TOPdesk include setting up the Self-Service Portal and creating new tickets.

Sketch of Log In page

Guided tour in Self-Service Portal

Guided tour in Operator part

Little Office Creations
We love to create things to make our work life better. Such as a Wigo Wheel (What is going on wheel) installed in the kitchen, you can get an overview of what all development teams are working on while grabbing a coffee; or a Table Soccer App to record statistics and generate best team combinations!
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